Troubleshooting General Aire Products

Every model requires different methods for testing and diagnosing the problem. Below are links to a few items which answer the most common questions we receive daily.



No water through humidifier.

1. Verify manual water shut off valve is open.
2. Loosen incoming water line at solenoid valve or float valve. If water squirts out you are OK up to this point. If no water squirts out, go to water valve  & loosen water line at that point. If no water squirts out then the water valve is either closed or plugged with dirt or rust.

Replace saddle valve or clear water valve.



Water to solenoid valve or float valve inlet but no water out of solenoid valve or float valve assembly.

1. Verify the solenoid valve has electricity by turning thermostat way up on furnace to force it to run. Then turn humidistat from maximum to minimum back and forth. This will make the solenoid valve open and close and you should hear a clicking noise at the solenoid valve. If it does click and you still have no water out of the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve is bad and needs replaced.

Solution A:
1. Replace solenoid valve assembly. OR
2. If you have a float valve with water to it but none out, the float valve assembly is plugged and needs replaced.

Solution B:
Replace float valve assembly.



Water coming out of solenoid valve will NOT turn off.

Turn off the power to your furnace, turn the humidistat down to its lowest setting. If water continues to run through the solenoid valve, disconnect the 2 wires going to the solenoid valve. If water continues to run through the solenoid valve you have a bad solenoid valve.

Replace solenoid valve assembly



Humidity level in home is too low.

Verify the humidistat setting is high enough to get where you need the humidity level to be. Also verify that the humidifier is actually running when your heating system comes on. Do this by temporarily raising the thermostat setting as well as the humidity setting. You should be able to hear your humidifier running at that time. If you have a vertical humidifier filter and a drain line attached to the humidifier you should also see a small trickle of water coming out the drain line. This is normal for humidifiers that have an electric solenoid valve on them.

Humidifiers require periodic maintenance AT LEAST once per year. Humidifier filters or (pads) must be replaced at least once per year (more often if you have very hard water. Humidifier filters are NOT cleanable or washable. Failure to maintain your humidifier and replace the humidifier filters will reduce the capacity of the humidifier, reduce the units life and possibly damage your heating system and ductwork.



1. Turn off the manual water valve to your humidifier. It is usually a small saddle valve bolted onto your copper water line near your water heater. 

2. Close the manual bypass damper (if your model has one).

3. Turn the power off to your furnace or air handler.

4. Set the humidistat at its lowest setting to prevent the humidifier from turning on.

5. Take the cover off of your humidifier and remove the humidifier filter.

6. Throw away your old humidifier filter and remove all the internal components that came into contact with water and wash them off. For items that are coated with scale you can soak them in household white vinegar overnight. This will loosen the scale and make it easier to remove. It may be necessary to lightly scrub some items with a bristle brush to remove the scale deposits. Rinse those pieces off with fresh water when done.

7. Replace the humidifier filter with a new one and reassemble the humidifier.

8. Leave the water turned OFF, the bypass damper turned off (if your model has one).

9. Turn the power back on to the furnace or air handler.

10. Your humidifier is now cleaned up and ready for next winter.


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