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General Aire 13156 Filter Media

SKU#: 40113156
List Price: $51.66 Sale Price: $43.05
Product Description

Replacement Filter Media for the model AC-24 whole house air cleaner. It is roughly 6 inches thick.

This component is also known as part number: 4051

Replace every 6 months if you have heating & cooling OR every 12 months if you only have heating. If you have a dusty environment or shedding pets you may need to replace your filter more often.

The manufacturer is sometimes referred to as General Filters, General Air but is correctly spelled GeneralAire®.


Max Length:
27 (inches)
Max Expanded Height:
16 (inches)
Collapsed Height:
3 (inches)
6 (inches)
1 (lb) 10 (oz)
Direction of Air Flow:
Indicated on Product
Microglass Fibers
On Product Packaging

Product Reviews

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Dec 11, 2017
"General Aire 13156 Filter Media" by James white (Bothell Wa US)

Product fit as described and was easy to install. Recommend checking for mis-bonded pleats at each side - separate as required. When reinstalling new filter, temporarily clamp it to the frame using common bulldog clips. Lay each of the pleat-separating combs on its side and then rotate the piece down while aligning the tips to the folds in the media.

Feb 2, 2017
Satisfied by Grant Palmer (Bothell WA US)

Everything was as advertised. The replacement filter was easy to install, and the instructions had actual words in it. I hate the modern "instructions" that only have pictures.

Jun 27, 2015
Furnace filter by Gene McDermott (Everett Wa US)

I am very satisfied with the filter. The only tedious part was placing the plastic fingers between the pleats.

Mar 20, 2015
clean aire by Donald Galloway (Bothell WA US)

Exactly what I ordered. Great service

Mar 17, 2014
Homeowner by Arnold D. Bruckner (Columbia Ma US)

The media seems to be fine. The plastic frame it fits in, however, with the media "combs" to hold it in place, are a w3hooe different story.while I can get the media into the frame correctly, and even get all the combs into the proper folds of the medi, I cannot get the combs to snap into the frame AND STAY THERE WHILE i INSERT THE FRAME AND MEDIA INTO THE DUCT AS THE COMBS START TO UNSNAP AND COME OUT OF THE PLASTIC FRAME AND JAM INSERTION OF THE UNIT! It is very frustrating and the unit it not fully inserted into the duct; nor can it be easily taken out of the duct. If I get it out, I'll have to glue the combs and then not be able to change the media when it gets dirty again. I need to know the cost of the plastic media holder so I can decide if it is better to buy a new one each time I buy the media. What a hassel!!!


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