General Aire AC500 Hepa Air Cleaner Parts

The General AC800 is a HEPA style air cleaner. It is typicaly installed on or next to the existing furnace and attached to the existing ductwork BUT can also be installed as a stand alone unit.

NOTE: Maintenance on this unit consists of replacing the prefilter (sold as a 2 pack called an Annual Filter Replacement Kit) every 3 to 6 months depending upon if you have a dusty or dirty environment and replacing your HEPA filter every 1 to 3 years depending on your environment. This unit is ALSO known as the HEPA 500 and HP500 and sold under other company names.

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General Aire AC500 Hepa Air Cleaner 120V

Hepa Air Cleaner 120V

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AC500 List Price: $1,061.87 Sale Price: $884.89

General Aire H50MTR EBM Motor

Ebm Motor

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H50MTR List Price: $472.50 Sale Price: $393.75

General Aire H50PC Power Cord 120V

Power Cord 120V

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H50PC List Price: $14.39 Sale Price: $11.99

General Aire HCM500 Collar Mount Adapter Kit

Collar Mount Adapter Kit

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HCM500 List Price: $76.22 Sale Price: $63.52

General Aire HF500 Hepa Filter

Hepa Filter

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HF500 List Price: $201.53 Sale Price: $167.94

General Aire HMK500 Annual Filter Replacement Kit

Annual Filter Replacement Kit

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HMK500 List Price: $101.62 Sale Price: $84.68

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