General Aire UV Systems

There are several different General Aire UV Systems made. Below are the models in production at this time. The model best suited for you depends upon your existing duct design and budget.

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General Aire GUV100A83 UVC Air Purifier

UVC Air Purifier

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GUV100A83 List Price: $372.59 Sale Price: $310.49

General Aire GUV25403A Super Plasma Air Purifier

Super Plasma Air Purifier

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GUV25403A List Price: $805.30 Sale Price: $671.08

General Aire MS24 Microbeswatter


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MS24 List Price: $307.54 Sale Price: $256.28

General Aire MS24OZ Microbeswatter Sweetshot

Microbeswatter Sweetshot

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MS24OZ List Price: $334.32 Sale Price: $278.60

General Aire PC02450 Vectorflo 18 Inch Air Purifier

Vectorflo 18 Inch Air Purifier

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PC02450 List Price: $834.41 Sale Price: $695.35

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