The 12855 open drum end is one half of the drum that performs an important role in the humidifier. The two drum ends, along with an evaporator sleeve, drum shaft, and retainer clip comprise the 12853 drum assembly. The assembly sits in a water pan, slowly spinning and picking up water, which is turned into humidity and circulated through your home. The open drum end should last for several years, but if it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. This part is also available as part of the 65 series tune up kit, which provides everything necessary to make the humidifier like new, and saves 15% versus purchasing the items individually.

Also known as part 7305


More Information
Manufacturer General Aire
Product Length 6.100
Product Width 6.000
Product Height 3.500
Product Weight 0.120
Package Length 6.100
Package Width 6.000
Package Height 3.500




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