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About Us

General Aire Parts is a division of On Time Mall Inc. Our parent company is the largest specialty indoor air quality parts house in the country and sells products made by nearly 100 different manufacturers. We stock thousands of humidifier, air cleaner and UV parts for indoor air quality devices as well as industrial controls for the heating and air conditioning industry. One of the unique things we do, is to perform factory diagnosis and rebuilding services for air cleaner power packs. This service is offered to contractors and consumers alike. Our most popular items are humidifier filters, air filters, air cleaner parts, humidifier parts, UV lamps and commercial controls.

On Time Mall Inc. began in 1983 as On Time Air Conditioning Inc. a heating and air conditioning service and installation contractor. In 1999 the contracting firm was sold off and we decided to concentrate on providing indoor air quality products to our clients across the world.

Our founder Jay Guliano has been in the industry for over 48 years and is considered a national expert on the indoor air quality field. He has owned and operated 2 different successful heating and air conditioning firms, managed several others and provided consulting services for industry manufacturers as well as other contractors. He still answers the phone at times and assists clients whenever possible. Originally from Pittsburgh PA he moved to Phoenix in 1979 to get out of the cold with his wife and has been here ever since.

Jay Guliano, Founder of OnTimeMall

Jay Guliano, Founder of OnTimeMall