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How To Find Your Humidifier Model Number

Hi, I'm Jay. And one of the most common questions we get from clients is, I have a Generalaire humidifier, and I can't figure out what the model number is. So, that's what I'm going to talk about today. So, let's start over there on this side. This one is fairly simple, this is a bypass style humidifier. And this one, it is located right over here. Yours might be different. It may be on the bottom, or the other side on the top, but the best course of action is to look all over the humidifier for that name plate.

This is a power humidifier. And on this one, it's over here on this side. Again, same problem, this label has been located in different locations over the years, the most current version, it's over here on this side.

My favorite is this bypass style humidifier. The nameplate here is actually hiding something. So if you pop off the name plate, what's here is a viewing window so you can look inside the humidifier window. Also, the sticker right here for the model and serial number is located right here on the side, hiding underneath this cover. So this one is the most difficult for people to accidentally bump into, because they would not expect to have to pry off a cover like this to get to that. But, nonetheless, that's where it's hiding, so here it is.

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HVAC System Overview

Hi, I'm Jay, and we get some questions on a regular basis about "hey what is that thing attached to my furnace?"

So, we have our demonstration unit here. And let's just talk briefly about what all of these bits and pieces are. Ok, so right here, this is the return air duct work. So this duct work goes from inside of your house, to the furnace, and this takes all the hot air in the summertime, and the cold air in the winter time from your home and brings it to the furnace to be heated or cooled. So this return air duct, the air travels down the duct, in this case. It makes a turn, and happens to go through an electronic air cleaner, this is an Electro-air electronic air cleaner. Goes into the furnace to get heated or cooled, comes back out of the furnace; this is a cooling coil here. So if you have air conditioning, you'll have one of these sitting on top of your furnace. So the air would then blow through here, and out the duct work and back into your home. Now, this one has a couple of other accessories aside from the Electro-Air Electronic Air Cleaner. So there's a GeneralAire UV System in this particular unit, in our demo unit. You may or may not have a UV system, but if you do, they are commonly installed here it can also be installed inside of the plenum. This one happens to be a return air style. There is also a humidistat. This humidistat controls the humidifier which we will talk about in a minute. So it also has that, and it has this little water saver device. Which is an accessory that GeneralAire makes that you can have it on your system or not, they're not real common but in our demo unit we have one here. So, we get over to this side here, up inside here we have a GeneralAire bypass style humidifier. They are often found bolted to the side of your furnace, they can be bolted here, they can be up here on the supply plenum, the other place these can be located is over here, on the return air duct. Sometimes people put them here, I prefer to have them over there, but if you don't have the room sometimes they'll be located in this position. And that's about it, that's al the bits and pieces that are associated with the modern heating and cooling system.

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