General Aire PC02450 Photo Catalytic Air Purifier Parts

The General PC02450 Photo Catalytic Air Purifier system is a wholehouse UV light system. The PC02450 creates a low pressure area around the high output 50 watt UVC lamp establishing a venturi effect. The venturi significantly increases the time exposure of airborne microorganisms in a bath of sterilizing germicidal ultraviolet light. The treated unrestricted air (.02 inches W.C.) is then accelerated beyond the PC02450 semiconductor and introduced into the main airflow for maximum purification. The patented semi-conductor’s exclusive process incorporates 24 SQFT equivalent surface area of honey combed aluminum cells. The cells are electro-statically coated and permanently bonded at high temperatures with nanosized crystallites of titanium dioxide TiO2 in an anatase form. This specific process is proven to be one of most effective photocatalyst. A photochemical reaction occurs when UVC light is absorbed by the TiO2 semiconductor. An advanced oxidation conversion process occurs where the H2O molecule in the airflow is split to create hydroxyl radicals (OH) and super oxide anions (O2) known to be among the most powerful oxidizing radicals. This Photocatalytic process aggressively deconstructs gaseous contaminants and deodorizes your indoor air safely.

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