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General Aire 1099-41 Solenoid Valve 115 Volt

SKU#: 109941
List Price: $132.64 Sale Price: $110.53
Product Description

This is a 115 volt, electrically-operated valve that turns the water on and off to your humidifier. This assembly contains a solenoid valve, which is fitted with an orifice. The orifice contains a strainer screen, which filters the water before it passes through the valve, catching things like sand and dirt which could otherwise cause blockage. This valve needs to be replaced about every ten years, or more often if it fails and is stuck open or closed. The threaded orifice fitted to the solenoid valve may also need to be replaced if it becomes clogged.

(Please note that there are 2 different valves made for the model 1099, one is 115 volt and the other is 24 volt. They are simple to tell apart since the 115 volt version has a metal box attached to it, which is used to connect the wires from the solenoid valve to the wiring on your furnace. This is typically done with 2 small wire nuts. The 24 volt version does not have a metal box attached to the solenoid valve so the wire nuts used to connect the furnace wires are exposed.)

This component is also known as part number: 7051

The manufacturer is sometimes referred to as General Filters, General Air but is correctly spelled GeneralAire®.


Overall Length:
3 1/4 (inches)
11 (oz)
Inlet ID:
1/4 (inch)
Inlet OD:
3/8 (inch)
Outlet ID:
5/16 (inch)
Outlet OD:
1/2 (inch)
Indicated on Product
Orifice Size:
3/32 (inch)
120 VAC
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Product Reviews

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Dec 31, 2018
Return by Terrell Waters (Herndon Va US)

Turned out I really needed the 9 volt unit which I already had. Am A/C professional reinstalled it for me and it works fine. I returned the 115 Volt unit for credit.

Jan 30, 2013
Solenoid Valve by J Gary Moore (Bates City Mi US)

Parts arrived in less than a week in good order. Everything worked fine.


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