Replacement Solenoid Valve 24V. Includes orifice kit, coil and valve already assembled. Please note that there are 2 different valves made for the model 1099, one is 24 volt and the other is 115 volt. They are simple to tell apart since the 115 volt version has a metal box attached to it which is used to connect the wires from the solenoid valve to the wiring on your furnace. This is typically done with 2 small wire nuts. The 24 volt version does not have a metal box attached to the solenoid valve so the wire nuts used to connect the furnace wires are exposed.


Do not pay attention to the specs printed on the solenoid coil. They will NOT exactly match your existing OLD valve and its not important that they do. Production of this item has changed over the years so it may look slighly different than your old valve. The ONLY important spec is the voltage. This valve is shipped with the 990-37-74 orifice kit already attached to it.

Also known as part 7052

The manufacturer is sometimes referred to as General Filters, General Air but is correctly spelled General Aire.


More Information
Manufacturer General Aire
Product Length 3.200
Product Width 2.350
Product Height 1.700
Product Weight 0.410
Package Length 5.650
Package Width 3.500
Package Height 1.750



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