This is a 115 volt, electrically-operated valve that turns the water on and off to your humidifier. This assembly contains a solenoid valve, which is fitted with an orifice. The orifice contains a strainer screen, which filters the water before it passes through the valve, catching things like sand and dirt which could otherwise cause blockage. This valve needs to be replaced about every ten years, or more often if it fails and is stuck open or closed. The threaded orifice fitted to the solenoid valve may also need to be replaced if it becomes clogged. (Note: some units are equipped with a 24 volt solenoid valve. Look closely at your old one to see what voltage it is rated at before ordering this valve.)

Also known as part 7013


More Information
Manufacturer General Aire
Product Length 3.350
Product Width 3.250
Product Height 2.500
Product Weight 0.675
Dimension Length 5.450000
Dimension Width 5.000000
Dimension Height 2.800000



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